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"Ask-Cupid.com was the best place for me to get the infomation I needed. I wasn't meeting any compatible people through dating sites until I changed my profile. Thanks Cupid!"

"I kept meeting the wrong men online until I learned how to be selective of the men responding to my profile" Ask-Cupid.com showed me how to make a better profile and what to look for in someone else's profile".

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Welcome to Ask-Cupid.com

This site is for online daters who are interested in receiving and giving advice to other people looking to find love and romance.

You'll gain access to testimonials from people that were once lonely and have found happiness in love, questions and answers to some of the most common concerns and problems in online dating, our online forum where you can follow interesting postings and join in the conversations.

You'll have unlimited access to Chat with Cupid where you can ask questions to our online dating specialists and get immediate answers.

With all of these tools we're pretty confident that you will have everything you need to be successful in online dating.

Many online daters wish they had a reliable source they could get answers from so they could have a better personal portfolio. Plus a little advice for a successful first date wouldn't hurt either.

This site is loaded with interesting stories of horrible dates, mistakes and regrets. There are even more stories of magical moments, amazing dates, romantic nights and people finding their soul-mates after using our advice.